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Chamfer-Plate:   Hardfacing Technical Notes

Chamfer Engineering makes Chamfer-Plate— the hardfaced wear fighter for new and rebuilt equipment and machinery. Chamfer-Plate resists severe abrasion, extends parts life, and reduces the cost of plant downtime.


Abrasion resistant, chrome-carbide wear surface for fan blades and scrolls, blast cabinets, sintering machine parts, rock and ore chutes, and many other heavy wear applications.

Save Big! Cut Costly Downtime.

When equipment and machine parts wear too fast and cause costly downtime Chamfer-Plate, the hardfaced wear fighter, is your most profitable answer. Chamfer-Plate extends the life of equipment and machine parts which are subjected to punishing impact: gouging, erosive abrasion, scratching, and the wear of hot abrasives at temperatures up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit.

Complete In-Shop Fabrication Services

Chamfer Engineering will shape and otherwise fabricate your wear parts from Chamfer-Plate, or from mild steel with removable Chamfer-Plate liner. We supply full plates and cut any portion for your use at very competitive prices. Services offered in our fabrication shop include:   forming to any radius down to 3 inches; plasma cutting including straight line cuts, curved shapes such as circles, ovals and kidneys; chamfering/edge beveling; stud welding to back of plate; countersinking of bolt holes; straight holes for plug-welding; and other cost-saving services.

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